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Top Best Apps for Unlocking Games Features

In this article, I will recommend some apps for unlocking games. This happens in a situation where you’ve decided to unlock some premium features of a game for free such as the popular Subway surfer, Temple run and a lot more.

What’s Game Unlocking?

It is the process of removing ADs, unlock features present in a particular game, it is possible by the help of some apps which will be listed in this article.

Reason for Game Unlocking

Most often, some games might be extremely boring and difficult to complete, this is the case expecially if your friends are also playing the same game. With game unlocking, you can over power their score or other game statistics such as unlimited coins, weapons e.t.c. These apps includes:

1.  Lucky patcher

This app allows users to modify games by removing ads, and the unlocking of hidden features which are very hard to get by just playing the game. But by the help of lucky patcher app, you can unlock games features like subway surfer and Temple run to get unlimited Coins.

2. Game killer

This app is very simple and easy to use. It helps users to gain full access to any game features, after unlocking it with game killer app. It’s one of the best game unlocking app which is available on playstore and it’s the best alternative to Lucky patcher app, you can download it via playstore.

NOTE: These apps aforementioned will only work on a rooted Android device. 

Have any suggestions about unlocking any of your game, kindly drop a comment below.

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