Two-step Verification For Your Whatsapp Account Now Made Official

At last! WhatsApp has now start rolling out this Two-step verification feature on Android, Windows phone apps and iOS devices. This feature was on beta test for a very long time now but has now been made official.

This Two-step verification is made to give your WhatsApp account better security and allows you to create six digits password whenever your phone is verified on the App. You can locate this feature on your WhatsApp account by going to Settings >> Account >> Two-step verification >> Enable.

Two-step verification

You can also provide your E-mail address in case if you forgot your password, you can use E-mail address to unlock it. Well, is optional but useful.

SOURCE – WhatsApp

Is it helpful? Have you enabled yours? What do you have to say about WhatsApp Two-step Verification?

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    Thanks u alot @admin

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    thanks dis is helpful

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    very helpful… gonna enable mine asap

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    is it in every version of WhatsApp?

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