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UBER freight App clone changing the trucking industry for the better

No one has actually realized that managing a trucking business is not only messy and inefficient but also requires a lot of paperwork, phone calls and other manual operations to put it all together. Thanks to smart technology and the uber freight app clone, this will all be a thing of the past.

Trucks are a very important part of our economy. The economy of countries like the United States would come to a halt if it were not for trucks. To make this industry more efficient and smarter, technology in the form of the uber freight app clone has been launched to connect trucking companies to truck drivers, that too with just a tap on the smart phone. 

The initial app was launched by Uber and other companies like Convoy and Cargomatic soon followed suit. The apps launched by these giants are fast changing the face of the trucking industry. 

Using technology that is similar to that of the on demand taxi app, these freight apps are creating their own market, a market that is successful.  Before we look into why these apps are so successful, let us look at the problems that are faced by the trucking industry. 



Ridiculously hefty fees and commissions are usually charged by the middleman/broker, just for bringing in new business and customers. The demands of these brokers are usually met by the carriers because these brokers provide them with the much-required business to stay afloat. This results in low-profit margins and customers, therefore, end up paying high shipping costs to balance out the equation.  It is, therefore, necessary that smart technology is used in this industry to bring in more business and better returns. The app will automatically do away with the need for brokers and both the carrier and the customer will stand to gain.  


Deliveries are never on time. In the era of modern technology and fast service, people are fast becoming used to impromptu service – a service that really cannot be provided by the trucking industry if they adhere to the traditional modus operandi. Delays in delivery, mishandling of goods, high fees for shipment, damaged goods, all make the perfect recipe for a very poor customer experience. With the introduction of mobile technology and on demand freight apps, expecting real time truck tracking experience, regular updates and a hassle free booking system may just be the solution for all customers looking for an efficient trucking experience, not to forget the fact that they will also know what they will have to pay before confirming the job.


The owners of the trucking business are always bogged down by work, be it taking new orders, assigning deliveries to drivers, or ensuring that deliveries are done on time. All this and more add to the hassle of ensuring that the delivery is done efficiently and timorously. All these operations are brought together by making numerous phone calls – a to and fro process till everything is sorted – from the time a customer comes on board till the time the delivery is safely done. With the advent of smart technology, all this headache will be taken away. It will just be a few taps and everything will be sorted, giving trucking business owners a much-needed breathing space.  


Many a time truck owners are forced to get their trucks on the road partially filled because they do not have enough load for the full trip but have to get them on the road because they have a consignment to deliver. To add to that, the trucks usually do the return journey empty handed. This means high fuel consumption per unit. It is therefore imperative that a solution to ensure that the return journey of the trucks is found so that there are no empty journeys. This is where the apps will come into play and provide the much-needed business and delivery load for the trucks.  


There is no way of knowing the location of the trucks whilst on their journey at any given time. Phone calls are not only hazardous for the driver but also time-consuming. This has created a great communication gap as well as problems like trucks being stolen, lost deliveries, misuse of trucks and delayed deliveries. There is no way of handling emergencies too. However with the introduction of apps, these trucks can be controlled and tracked at all times, and there will be no risk of abuse or misuse as the trucks’ locations can be monitored at all times.   

Taking the above points into consideration, it is only natural that truck company owners want an easy and hassles free business experience that does away with all the troubles and still gives them the pleasure and returns of having their own business. The perfect and complete solution to this problem is the uber freight app clone, an app that will bring back the mojo in the trucking industry. 

Author: Lata Motvani, works as a Digital influencer at She is used to write on various technology, mobile apps, uber clone app, startup business, on demand services, current affairs, and latest trends.

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  1. Veronica Veronica April 16, 2018

    True, trucks is a really essential part of the economy, awesome idea to connect trucking companies to truck drivers. Thank you so much for sharing informative content with us, it really helps.

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