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How to Keep Readers Informed of Site Maintenance using an Under Construction Page

If you just created the damn blog or It’s been running for a while now and you need to do some cleaning on the site.

It definitely won’t be a good idea to have visitors see your site while it’s on maintenance


  • Plugins could mess up the site
  • Themes could disrupt the appearance
  • Some Pages may lead to 404 error pages

Your visitors won’t be happy about this and that’s why you need to have a well designed page under construction page on your blog or website that actually tells visitors that you are currently working on the blog.

But here’s the Issue;

Creating a really cool under construction may require some coding which not everyone know about.

But here’s Goodnews,

If you have a blog on the wordpress platform like prexblog, you could easily make use of a free under construction page Plugin.

In just one click, you’d be able to setup an under construction page easily and fast

Something really Cool Like this;

And Guess;

Without Coding. Yes, no knowledge of coding needed at all, just install and activate.

I will teach you how to do this in few minutes using the under construction Page WordPress Plugin.

About the Under Construction Page WordPress Plugin

This Powerful plugin was developed by WebFactory and can be downloaded from the wordpress repository for free with active installs of 130,000+ already.

This is to show you how powerful and awesome this plugin is, when you finally install on your wordpress blog or website.

Features of the Under Construction Page Plugin

  • Like I said earlier, It’s beginner friendly and one click install
  • If you’re afraid of it conflicting with other plugins,then you don’t need to as it’s compatible with most caching plugins
  • Over 800 Five Star Reviews, I’d give them a 10 star review if possibleLOL
  • Various social media icons available you can use to get in touch with your site visitors while you are maintening your site.

More Features to Follow Soon, including

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Mail Chimp and Zapier support, this will help you capture emails
  • Import and Export Settings
  • Lots more

So the question going through your mind right now, is how do you set it up right away?

It’s as simple as installing any wordpress plugin, but I got two options for you .

If you Prefer Video for learning how to setup the under construction Page Plugin watch below video or if you prefer text, then skip the video and read the text tutorial below.

Video for Setting Up Under Construction Page for WordPress

Tutorial Below

1. Download the Plugin from here

2. Upload

3. Install and Activate

Now click on the settings, choose your design and customize the text you want people to see using the various Tabs.

When done, you need to switch it on from the Mode and set the date as to when you’d be done with the site or leave it and turn off when you are done.

But do it only when you are working on the site.

You can as well watch the detailed setup video above.

Now you know how to setup an under construction page for your wordpress website or blog with this plugin.

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  1. Emmanuel ogbe Emmanuel ogbe November 8, 2017

    Does the Under Construction Plugin disrupt the efficiency of other plugins?

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