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Use BlazeOn App For Etisalat Unlimited Timely Based Data Plan

Etisalat are improving in all ramifications and yet again, unveil a new app called BlazeOn mainly for their amazing timely based unlimited data plan. This competition is really getting hot and in fact, it’s giving customers the chance to consume a lot from them as they keep unleashing the goodie.

This newly introduced timely based data plans from Etisalat is a welcome development and if you have been waiting or trying hard to subscribe, you should kindly activate the timely based data plans and enjoy the bonus comfortably from one of the fastest network, Etisalat.

According to their update on Facebook, it stated that;

“Buy daeta in minutes and access the internet just when needed with #EasyBlazeOn Simply text “blazeon” to 229 to download and get started.”

You can send “blazeon” as an SMS to 229 to automatically download the app on your smartphone which will give you the options to activate the offer and as at now, I think the app is only available for android users but not available for iOS users which might be rolled out as time goes on.

Etisalat once stated that “Most people don’t know how much data they spent on browsing and streaming” and this is true. Data are being burnt in streaming and browsing which led to the launch of BlazeOn.

How To Activate Etisalat Timely Based Data Plan

  • Just download the BlazeOn app by clicking here on playstore or alternatively, by clicking here.
  • Launch the app and register your Etisalat number as your number will be verified automatically.
  • Then, select the plan you need (50naira for 10mins, 70naira for 15mins, 120naira for 30mins and 200naira for 1hour). 
  • Your plan will be activated successfully!

The timely based data plan are specially designed for those who loves to download heavily and stream videos. It can also be used apart from the uses afformentioned.

What do you have to say about this newly launched plans from Etisalat nets?


  1. Lorenzo Lorenzo July 8, 2017

    its similar to mtn app.. good job etisalat…u are among d best isp in Nigeria

  2. Lekan Lekan July 8, 2017

    A wonderful opportunity to all Etisalat customers. It will help u a lot… I will urge u al to download it

  3. Toriola Azeez Toriola Azeez July 8, 2017

    I thought etisalat have now been improving. They have known what there customers need.Good work and keep it up.

  4. Bright Bright July 8, 2017

    nice nice from them. their network is very fast

  5. Bright Bright July 8, 2017

    ouch! forgot to ask – is it truly unlimited? If yes then it would be good o. I would just try it at night which is the best time for downloading -the network is at its peak during the night. don't you agree?

  6. Uduak Emmanuel Uduak Emmanuel July 8, 2017

    Nonsense Offer from Etisalat its Not Unlimited 1hrs @ N200 is 1.5GB

  7. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real July 8, 2017

    das from etisalat waiting for Mtn to start im own

  8. abdulrahman yusuf abdulrahman yusuf July 8, 2017

    NYC one from den,oga prex pls help get d infos on how many mb per minute

  9. Ogunleye Olusola Ogunleye Olusola July 9, 2017

    From reviews read on play store, I think the word “unlimited” used is a scam,cos all the time based are data capped. For instance the 1hour #200 unlimited is data capped at 1.5g so also all the other timedbased,they are all data capped. None of the networks can ever give an unlimited browsing whether free or with price.

  10. sunnycee sunnycee July 9, 2017

    This is not unlimited. Another scam from the sinking Network- Etisalat

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