Vivo V5 Smartphone Caught Fire While Charging

The selfie camera-focused smartphone company newly launched Vivo V5 smartphone and it’s two units explodes while kept for charging. According to gogi, two reports was made against the explosion of Vivo V5 as the smartphone caught fire in a mobile shop while another report shows how the mobile phone also caught fire in the karnal while charging at different locations.

This Vivo V5 explosion reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that caused havoc in year 2016. The battery was the cause of the sudden explosion and that’s the main power of a smartphone and needs to be handled with care. In this recent explosion, there were two reports against the explosion of Vivo V5 from different people and at different location.

The Cause Of Vivo V5 Explosion

There might be two possible reasons that led to the explosion of Vivo V5 smartphone and they are overheating or physical damage. Since the two reports shows that the phones exploded while charging, the likely reason could be the charging circuit as the battery keep on heating and fails to cool down.

The other reason to this explosion is the physical damage to the battery, this can happen when you drop your handset it can cause a puncture or tear and if the battery structure is compromised a short circuit can happen within it which can eventually heat and explode.

Meanwhile, the Vivo company is yet to respond to this issue and I think they will give official statement regarding this issue once they found the cause.

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  1. They should find solution to the problem

  2. Reply

    that Vivo V5 with poor battery capacity exploding? this is really bad.

  3. Reply

    der must b a problem somewhere dey sud try and do something!!!

  4. Reply

    I hope it doesn't become widespread ooo,I just pray they find something to do to it

  5. I suspect that fault of d explode will b from d panel components, bcos the battery is even poor

  6. Reply

    another problem ,people used to buy this phone bcox its has perfect selfie 20 megapixel

  7. Reply

    So money don go b dat

  8. This is called bad market , factory error!

  9. Reply

    hope no one got hurt sa

  10. Reply

    even Sony xperia z3+ has 20megapixel too. but I haven't heard of such thing from Sony

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