vivo Xplay7 smartphone is coming with 10GB of RAM

Rumours are trending on the coming of vivo Xplay7 smartphone, which should be the maker’s next flagship and is said to break the 10GB RAM barrier.

It’s also said to come with Snapdragon 845 processor, up to 512GB of storage and a 4K screen. If the leaks are true, we’ll definitely have a wonderful phone.

The phone will also have under-the-display fingerprint scanner built by Synaptic. Under the display fingerprint will allow you unlock your device on the screen of your device, instead of back or home area.

What’s your say about vivo Xplay7 smartphone features?


  1. O my Goodness! What am I seeing? Vivo with 10gb ram? That’s incredible..
    Vivo are trying..
    Thanks for the info boss.

    1. A higher RAM will give your phone the speed you need: No lagging, hanging, unresponsiveness, app force stopping automatically and slowness.

      When RAM is coupled with a good processor, that means you’ve the best phone ever.

  2. Ade I guess a higher RAM would give you almost zero possibilities of your phone hanging… 10GB RAM and 512GB built-in storage? is this possible for now? hmm it might be sha. but how would you guys feel if it comes with a battery capacity of 1000mAh?? hahaha
    price : #25k

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