Weekly Poll: How Long Could You Live Without Internet?

This is a shocking poll right? Yes! Let’s really solve and answer this question and through the number of supporters and opposers, we will discover how long a human can really live without internet connection.

The question goes this way. Just understand that you wake up and found that there is nothing like internet. I mean nothing like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Prexblog, BBM, YouTube, Downloading, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Movies or series and many others.

Now, you only have to depend on your brain for each solution you faced daily. Normally, humans can live without internet access even a situation tougher than that but how will you feel if there is no more internet and how many days will you bear the world of no internet?

Please, drop your answers below this post in the comment system.

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  1. Reply

    Dope ass

  2. Reply

    ummm can't stay long 'cos i will feel bored!! 1week

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    it looks impossible right?but trust me God has created humans to adapt to whatever situation they find demselves,I know we can survive without internet

  5. Reply

    I will feel bored

  6. Reply

    Let's just say 1week

  7. Reply

    Yeah! I think if we met our selves without internet i tink we will still survive bcos God create us to adapt to any situation we find our selve. Presently i tink if there is no more internet connection we can still live nd abide to it. we will feel d pains but is just for a time to bcom part of us again.

  8. Reply

    For me o ,I can't do without internet ,if I try it ,I'll die straight up

  9. Reply

    forget the rest I will only miss prexblog.com and Google

  10. Reply

    A day cause most of the things I do I use the Internet

  11. Reply

    Quite difficult because of being used to using the internet. But for me, I survive without it.

  12. Reply

    Quite difficult because of being used to using the internet. But for me, I can survive without it.

  13. Reply

    Lolz in d olden days our grand father's live witout internet now

  14. Reply

    I know we all can .. we are all humans. we adapt. but everything works in relation with Time.. #aDaptaTion.

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