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What Are the Advantages and Benefits of a VPN?

You may have heard of them before, but even if that’s the case, the probability says you’re most likely not using one at this very moment. The problem with that is that you’re also likely to be ignoring all the risks you’re taking by being online without the protection that only a VPN can give you. Fortunately for you, we’re here to illustrate you on the topic and perhaps make you more conscious of all the ways in which a VPN benefits you and every internet user out there.

What exactly is a VPN?

In few words, a Virtual Private Network also referred to as VPN, is a set of servers that have been networked together using internet connections.

When people connect to these servers, their internet traffic is routed through them, and once the connection is established, all communications between the server and the user get encrypted. This prevents eavesdroppers and even ISPs from accessing the data that is sent over these networks.

The important thing you have to remember about Virtual Private Networks is that it secures your connections and ensures that all your traffic is always encrypted and kept away from the ill-intentioned. This has many appliances at corporate and individual levels, so let’s check some of them:

VPN Benefits

  • Corporate VPNs: VPNs are used by companies to allow secure remote access to sensible information on their local databases. This is particularly convenient if you’re on a business trip and need to access a company database using an unsecured, public Wi-Fi from a coffee shop or a hotel.
  • Media Content: Recently, they’ve also been used to bypass geo-restrictions imposed by certain media content providers. This can be achieved if the VPN servers are located in a region that’s not been blocked by the service, allowing the VPN user to fool the media service’s system into thinking they’re connecting from the server location instead of their actual physical location.
  • Privacy Protection: A lot of people are adopting VPNs as a regular browsing tool just to feel safe online. Revelations in the last few years about surveillance activity from government agencies and the constant tracking of media giants like Google or Facebook to gather private user information have increased the demand for VPN services dramatically. In a way, using a VPN has become a way of taking action against these privacy violations.
  • Torrent Downloading: Whether it is done for legal or illegal activities, using torrent clients is usually something that raises flags for law enforcement agencies. Many internet users who enjoy sharing torrents have adopted VPNs as a tool to keep a low profile while downloading or sharing content through P2P connections, which essentially means using torrents.

We could expand the list of VPN benefits a lot more, but we consider the things we’ve mentioned to be more than enough reasons to consider adopting a VPN. But how does one connect to a VPN and which one is the best one?

Choosing the Right VPN

There are many VPN service providers available on the internet. Before continuing about the technical details about what makes a good VPN, we must advise you to beware free VPN services. They have earned themselves a reputation of distributing malware and selling private user data as a way of financing their service. Good services have to be financed, and the most common way of doing so is by selling subscription plans at reasonable prices.

Now, when it comes to privacy, you have to look for the right protocols. Most of them are presented in a boring list, and their names are usually confusing, but they are the most important security aspect of a VPN.

Good providers like TorGuard offer 256-bit AES encryption and OpenVPN as a communication protocol. It doesn’t really get much better than that, but you may also trust PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP as good security protocols.

This same kind of providers will have a zero-log policy, which means they won’t log any information about your online activity. This is good if you are connecting to the VPN from a server location where law enforcement agencies could want to seize your VPN provider’s assets. Such an action would end up being pointless, at least if its objective was to obtain user information.

The Verdict

After you find a provider that meets these features, all that is left is looking at the little details that set it apart from the others, like multiplatform support, fast speeds, support for torrents and whatever features you find convenient for your everyday navigation. Just remember that your privacy is one of your most valuable assets and that you’re the only one responsible for its protection. VPNs are at your disposal, but using them is a choice only you can make.


  1. Chidowski Chidowski October 13, 2017

    Thanks for the write up, learnt a lot of things.

  2. DE PROF DE PROF October 14, 2017

    Thanks for letting us know about a vpn.


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    We've been talking a lot about Virtual Private Networks (VPN)lately, mostly thanks to eroding privacy and increased restrictions imposed by internet providers and, in some cases, governments. VPNs are becoming increasingly popular, but they still aren't commonplace. If you're on the fence about whether or not you could benefit from a VPN, this list of advantages should help you make up your mind once and for all.
    VPNs provide increased privacy while online
    When you're in public, you wouldn't walk around with your personal information hanging out. The same should be true while you're online; perhaps even more so. It's best to think of the internet as a lawless den where there are hidden eyes watching you at all times. Spooky!
    Instead of walking around without any help, why not put on your invisibility cloak? Sure, your foot might poke out now and again, but for the most part, you're hidden. This is analogous to a VPN.
    A lot of information can be gleaned from the bits of data left around the web, so why not make that data appear to be coming from the VPN provider instead of you? If you're at all worried about the current state of privacy online, or what might be coming in the future, a VPN can help set your mind at ease.
    VPNs provide enhanced security while online
    While there are measures in place to keep you somewhat safe while browsing the internet, they are hardly enough in our current reality. Whether it's hackers, spammers, spoofers, or anyone else who's looking to extort you, a VPN can help keep you secure.
    Say you travel a lot and stay in hostels and hotels. The Wi-Fi you connect to without thinking could be set up by someone looking to steal your information. Every day there are high-profile hacks and leaks that make people wonder what they can do to protect themselves.
    Some VPNs provide ad and tracker blocking
    Some VPNs, like Private Internet Access, offer a built-in ad, malware, and tracker blocker. While there are plenty of ad-blocking options out there already for your browsers, it's a hassle to configure everything the same way between browsers and between devices.
    With an ad and tracker blocker built right into the VPN, you'll see fewer ads in general, and especially fewer targeted ads. Blocking is usually handled at the DNS level where there's a long list of domains associated with ads, trackers, and malware.
    Having a VPN do the blocking for you is a huge boon to anyone who hates seeing a week of ads targeted at you because you accidentally typed something embarrassing into Google.
    VPNs help you bypass geo restrictions
    Geographical borders do not only apply to the physical world — they also apply online. Have you ever attempted to watch a video on YouTube, only to see that the uploader hasn't made it accessible in your country? Sometimes you can find an open mirror, but other times you're out of luck.
    Not only can a VPN unlock that video you're dying to see, it can also unlock more sensitive, important content. Say you're a journalist working in an oppressive country and you want to know about what's really happening to the government. A VPN will not only hide your activity online, it will also open up avenues of information that were locked up tight.
    Because good VPN providers have a wide range of servers all over the world, connecting to a server in the right country (read: one that doesn't block information) should be as easy as clicking a few buttons.
    VPNs allow you to bypass ISP bandwidth throttling
    Internet Service Providers (ISP) are in the game to make money, and one way to boost profit is to throttle your internet speed when you're connecting to certain sites, including plenty of streaming services like Netflix. These streaming services do take up a lot of bandwidth, and ISPs want to keep their networks clear. This also usually means you're going to watch your shows load more often than you're going to watch your shows.

  5. Mathew Ogih Mathew Ogih October 14, 2017

    I normally use VPN only for unblocking websites which are restricted from Nigeria, aside that I don't have much need for a VPN. And to me most free VPN are good enough particularly VPN like VPN robots, psiphon, and UK vpn. I think if you just want to unlock website then you can easily make use of free VPN

  6. Paul Damy Paul Damy October 14, 2017

    Yeah… VPN actually has so much importance particularly to webmasters like for Anonymity purposes, changing of Ip and so on…but I will warn that you should always use it for legal activities and stay safe.

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