WhatsApp Again Extends Support For Older Android Versions Till 2020

WhatsApp with their supporting issue, that’s what you will think immediately you saw the headline of this article because after the threats, all went in vain. Is now obvious that the threats are empty as Facebook owned company website announced the continual support of older android version till year 2020.

Remember back in 2016 in the month of February, that Facebook issued serious warning to end support of Android 2.1, Android 2.2 and some other versions that are not from Android by the end of 2016. But according to same webpage, it shows that the same versions will be able to access and use WhatsApp till February 1, 2020 especially from Android 2.3.7 and older.

Affected users can now feel relief but note that some new features from WhatsApp might not be compatible with your phone and getting a new smartphone with higher OS (operating system) will of course, resolve the issue of compatibility and annoying service support warning from Facebook.

What do you have to say about this?

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  1. Reply

    that's nice from dem whatsapp

  2. Reply

    It's not easy to end support in someone small phones like android version2.0, symbian, blackberry and java. Even my own java phone will end support till 2018 that what i saw in my own bt it is nt really easy to end support bcs nt everyone cn buy new smart phone for now.

  3. Reply

    Did all these version still exist?
    Anyway 2go is an alternate

  4. Reply

    Thats cool to hear from whatsapp , prex what about bbos and bb10 WhatsApp supposed due date, I think they said its on the 30th of this month, or are they extending that one too

  5. Reply

    I knew they were bluffing na who wan lose monet…and shey some people still dey use those old versions?? na WA ooo

  6. Reply

    Lolzzz mak dem continue to dey postpone am. Well I see sey dem don reason sey ppu dey pass through hardship. No money to purchase better phone

  7. Reply

    Many people are not bothering themselves over the new features applied to the updated app. They are concerned with the messages they shares

  8. Reply

    gud development from dem bcux a lot of us are still using these low ends phones and depends on WhatsApp to send our text messages bcux it's cheaper

  9. Reply

    they should stop their imitations. well nice of them. they don't want to loose millions. and want they also don't know is that low end users of Android have an alternative; 2GO.

  10. if they like let them extend it….am stil using a small fone to browse..recession is really telling on us

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