WhatsApp is always beautiful everyday as the founder keeps surprising its users with amazing features. WhatsApp which has been using Apple’s emoji set across all of its versions, has successfully designed its own set of emoji.

If you look at the emoji above, you will discover that the Apple’s emoji and the newly designed emoji by WhatsApp looks too similar, even with some Android Oreo Emoji set and Twitter emoji set throw in.

Meanwhile, all these are based on a common instruction from Unicode and they look similar in order to reduce lost in translation between devices.

According to Gsmarena that says the reason why WhatsApp had to use Apple’s emoji back then:

“WhatsApp started using Apple’s emoji set back in the day because Android back then had no support for emoji. To make sure the emoji sent by iPhone users would be seen on Android devices, WhatsApp integrated the entire Apple emoji set within its application.

“Even later on when Android did get emoji support, it still made sense for WhatsApp to have the Apple set to ensure compatibility as not all Android devices had emoji support and some looked different than others.”

However, the latest WhatsApp emoji set is available to those running the latest Android beta.

What’s your say concerning the latest WhatsApp designed Emoji set?

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