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WhatsApp Now Brings New Emojis From iOS 10.2 And Android 7.0 To Everyone

WhatsApp which is popularly known as the best messaging application with over billions of  daily active users has now added more Emojis to its application. We all know that WhatsApp has many Emojis but more has been added that was debuted from android 7.0 nougat and iOS 10.2.

So any Android phone can now enjoy the new Emojis without upgrading to Android 7.0 nougat or iOS 10.2. Meanwhile, this feature is only available to WhatsApp beta for now and will soon be rolled out to the normal WhatsApp application, so if you are a WhatsApp beta tester, you can have access to the Emojis.

Some of the Emojis are a girl and a boy doing a face palm and shrug, a whiskey, a butterfly, bacon, a new dancing boy, avocado an many more.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this whatsapp new Emojis?


  1. yeah cool. I updated my WhatsApp d day b4 yesterday cuz there was an update.. gonna check about the update ASAP

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