WhatsApp, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg with over billions of daily active users is currently testing a feature that will enable you play YouTube videos directly within app without launching to YouTube for playback.

Imagine, getting a YouTube video and when clicked, it redirects to YouTube itself, instead you will watch the video directly within the WhatsApp chat window.

The feature enables playback to be launched in a picture-in-picture window, while also offering functionalities and features like pinch-to-zoom, full screen view mode, and hide ongoing playback to continue reading messages in chat.

This feature will really save stress and however, the playback will stop if you move to other chat conversations. This feature is only available on iOS devices. No such test had been made on Android and Windows phones.

We all hope it comes soon to Android, just the way iOS devices are yet to enjoy the feature.

What your say about the features (s)?

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