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Where is Nigeria? See the country that used the Most Gigabytes

Where is Nigeria? In my own opinion, Nigeria consumes a lot of data daily regardless of the current economic situation.

In the following inforgraphic shows mobile data usage per mobile broadband subscription in selected OECD countries last year, with Finland in first position by a wide margin.

In 2016, Finnish smartphones users consumed an average monthly mobile data of 10.95GB, while Austria is 6.28GB. Sweden and South Korean recorded mobile data usage of 4.38GB and 3.83GB, while US smartphone users used 2.63GB.

I still wonder why Nigeria wasn’t included?


  1. Chidowski Chidowski October 14, 2017

    Maybe Nigeria has exceed it's usage.
    Cus for me i used 24gb only in August.
    My fellow Nigerians use more than me.

  2. Onyeka Okwu Onyeka Okwu October 14, 2017

    Nigeria need to be include becuses day spend data

  3. Paul Damy Paul Damy October 14, 2017

    Hahaha..Wait oo..
    Nija no dey there o…maybe a mistake somewhere…

  4. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real October 14, 2017

    where there is Instagram
    Nigeria no dey still wonder dat Wat might happen!!

  5. hussaini hussaini October 14, 2017

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. hassan hassan October 15, 2017

    I know nigeria woun't be included because of the following reasons 1. Poor network services 2. Costly data plan the main reason why nigeria is not listed is because of that number 1 for example glo network which has who has a poor network if someone do a monthly subscription he/she might network why in other country there will be strong network.i think that the reason why nigeria is not listed.thanks

  7. hassan hassan October 15, 2017

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Mathew Ogih Mathew Ogih October 15, 2017

    Maybe African countries were not included because any statistics about smartphone or internet usage must include Nigeria that one na sure thing

  9. Ebenko Ebenko October 25, 2017

    Prexblog is back!!!

  10. zemgrire zemgrire October 26, 2017

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  12. UGOBEST UGOBEST October 29, 2017

    Bross waiting dey happen?

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