Who Else Received The MTN Mesage For Payment Of Recharge Card?

MTN seems to be tricky with their new message that got everyone confused. This message was sent to all MTN users in the afternoon about the amount printed on an MTN recharge card. The message says;

“Dear customer, please do not agree to pay more than the amount that is printed on any MTN recharge card. Remember – what you see is what you pay!”

As shown below;

Yea! This message can be answered in this way; they are about to increase the price of recharge card to 110naira or 120naira and the sellers might try to outsmart you by saying is 130naira or 140naira in order for them to gain. So, that’s why MTN sent the message.

Hmm, I wonder if anybody can question the Nigeria recharge cards seller…MTN are not trying at all.

Do you also get the message?

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  1. Reply

    ya I do

  2. Reply

    yeah I did

  3. Reply

    admin why custom ROM for Infinix note 2. 16gb / 1gb ram version

  4. Reply

    nyc update

  5. Reply

    Mtn are not helping matter @ all

  6. Reply

    Yes I got am but I don't care more about

  7. Reply

    N me to i got d message

  8. Reply

    Ehe admin any unlocked fifa

  9. Reply

    yea i also got it…. i think we would start buying recharge card from mtn office.

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