Instagram is one of the most used social media where people share stories, videos and images but GBInstagram has come to apply more features to it.

GBInstagram is the new Instagram app but with exclusive and classic features than the official Instagram App you used to know. Moreover, you cannot download stories, images and videos that you have shared on Instagram except by using a third-party app.

GBInstagram gives you access to these features and even the ability to customize your app. The experience is more handy and friendly. The version 1.30 APK version is already out and you should note that the more Instagram update, the more features you will get from the GBInstagram application.

So, forget the normal Instagram app and switch over to GBInstagram. I will list reasons why you should switch over to GBInstagram.

See why you should use GBInstagram APK

  • Allow Users To Download Images, Stories and Videos From Instagram.
  • Allow Users to Upload Images and Videos From Alsturi.
  • Translate Comments into your desired Language.
  • Allow Users to Copy Comments.
  • You can Copy and Share Images Links and Videos Directly.
  • Change Theme Conversations screen and conversion.
  • Ability to Zoom In/Out for photos.
  • Able to play Audio with Video Automatically.
  • Allow Users to Copy Description.
  • Notification Count.
  • No Root Require to Download.
  • Allow to Use Two Instagram in the Same Phone.
  • And Much More.

Main Features of GBInstagram App

THEMES: GBInstagram allows you to change the theme of your Instagram App without hassle.

CUSTOMIZE: You have the access to customize the app header and chats by going to Settings>>GB Settings and that’s all.

COPY COMMENTS: You will be able to copy your friend’s comment or yours when you feel the comment is catchy.

DUAL INSTAGRAM: You can use this GBInstagram app with your normal Instagram app because the package name is different. You don’t have to register separately on the app, is same with the normal Instagram app.

COPY BIO AND DESCRIPTION: You can copy your friend’s post or introduction texts in the biography section of their profiles.

COPY AND SHARE URLS: Are you interested in sharing images and videos URLs to your friends on the app or on other social networking sites, this app feature will definitely help you out.

TRANSLATE COMMENTS: You can read other languages comments with the help of the automatic translation.

ZOOM PROFILE PICTURES: By pressing and holding the image, you will be able to zoom the profile picture of your like.

NO BAN ISSUES: The app is safe and free to use. You won’t face ban when you use this mod application.

ROOT IS NOT REQUIRED: Don’t think otherwise, you don’t need root to do all this. Just install the app and you’re good to go.

PREVIEW FOR IMAGES AND VIDEOS: You can play videos external video player as like the GBwhatsapp feature.

UPDATES: You will always receive update as the original Instagram but more features will be added on the GBInstagram than the normal app.

Where To Download GBInstagram App

You can download GBInstagram application via here and that’s all. You don’t have any other things to do again.

Is it helpful? How’s your experience with GBInstagram app?

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