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Wickedness! Jumia Delivery Man Killed By Customers In Port-Harcourt, See Photos!

Unbelievable! This is outrageous! Jumia Delivery agent was murdered by customers in rivers state, Port-Harcourt. How can you kill an innocent man who was sent to deliver a good you ordered online? The culprits or offenders option for “Payment on delivery” and the worst part is that the goods haven’t been paid and what really happened between the delivery man or agent has not yet been confirmed.

Head of News of Cool FM, Nigeria Info FM and Wazobia FM, Port Harcourt, Blessing Olomu was the one who revealed this news via her Twitter account and Neejizzy Emekachukwu Emanuel who also shared it on his Facebook wall. It was revealed that the man was murdered after he left the station on Saturday to deliver items which was believed to be iPhones and a motorbike. His body was later found in a septic tank (suckaway) where the culprits dumped him. It’s just so painful, hearing this story.

What weak me in this story is that the offenders or culprits ordered for 2 iPhone 7 and I thank the police for unmasking these people. The suspects are two men and a lady.

Someone took your order without you paying a dime and locate you in your house and what you could do, is to kill him gruesomely. This is inhumanity and very bad to mankind.

Jumia should improve their security in order for this not to occur again. What do you have to say about this?


  1. God punish this people, there is no reasons for killing a human being, R.I.P

  2. ooh! this is cruelness

  3. what type of wickedness is this.

  4. Absolutely madness

  5. they must b brought to justice…… there is no justification whatsoever for killing an innocent soul

  6. This is barbaric.

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