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Will You Buy SanDisk 400GB MicroSD at this Price?

The largest SDcard has been introduced by SanDisk. There are a lot of phone manufacturers that claims there phone can be “expanded up to 2 terabytes using a MicroSD“. Well, today SanDisk is getting a little closer to that size, with a 400GB MicroSD card.

The memory claims the title of the world’s largest storage device capacity for the SDcard format because it beats the last year Samsung 256GB card with a considerable margin.

The 400GB MicroSD can transfer files at up to 100mb/s, is classified as SDXC UHS-I card and rated as App performance class A1 Device (i.e it can run apps well).

The price might be the deal breaker, there is a catch a hefty $249.99 price tag. SanDisk hasn’t yet announced the day the 400GB microSD card will be available on stores.

Can you get that MicroSD card at that price?



    Can i buy this memory card? My answer is based on only if and only if i can fulfill the following criteria
    ✔ Can my present phone carry it? NO
    ✔ Can i afford its cost in this our present economic recession? NO
    Thanks for the update


    With 32 or 64 SD CARD i will installed the apps i want and alot of music i will download inside

  3. chibuike udochi chibuike udochi September 2, 2017

    Well I can't its too expensive, well but the truth is that I don't think my phone can take it, my Android 6.0 with 1Gb ram…it will be damn slow .
    But its cool .
    Commenting from Tipsrush

  4. Paul Damy Paul Damy September 2, 2017

    Mehnn…it's very costly o…and I don't think I can buy it for now.

  5. AUWAL ISHAKA AUWAL ISHAKA September 3, 2017

    my answer is a big noooo. bcos neither i nor my phone can support it. lols

  6. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real September 3, 2017

    Even I can afford it,did my phone can afford such SD card capacity so before person can use such sdcard dat phone must be a costly one ….

  7. Chidowski Chidowski September 3, 2017

    …..very expensive
    My phone can't even carry it
    It's also very heavy for me and my village people to carry

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