Will You Buy This Gold-plated Trump iPhone?

Donald Trump iPhone! This solid Gold-plated smartphone is in store for sale which has the name and face of Donald Trump on its back. It is also encrusted or covered with diamonds.

Gold-plated Trump iPhone
Gold-plated Trump iPhone

This smartphone have been available for sale since 2016 and was first purchased by a woman to her family in order for them to present the gift to Donald Trump, after the inauguration for the following month.

See The Price And Where To Buy The Trump Gold-plated iPhone

It costs $151,000 which is 47,527,250.00 naira in Nigeria. You can get the smartphone by going to Goldgenie and place an order.

Is it helpful? Will you buy this Gold-plated Trump iPhone?

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  1. Reply

    Hmm. Damn expensive. Thanks 4 d update.

  2. Reply

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  3. Reply

    who wan buy DAT one for naija

  4. Reply

    thanks for the update

  5. Reply

    lol for me to buy that phone for naija I go go fine land and build house

  6. Reply

    apple try ooo for naija person buy phone of that amount

  7. Reply

    Thanks for this post keep on trying
    Commenting From

  8. Reply

    even if I had the money superfluous, I wouldn't try it… If I should then a picture of me then my name crested on it… yeah! that's better! then I can buy

  9. Reply

    not bad

  10. Reply

    nawaoo NC update sha…. what sud we call diz….

  11. Reply

    so the things that are special about it is just the gold plated stuff ,,, what else? does it have 99GB RAM or one terabyte storage?

    • Anonymous
    • February 27, 2017

    Hahahahaha I laff in Anambra style��

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