We have been rewarding the Best Commenter for the past 1 year and we've decided to upgrade and step up our game with the new system called "Best Interactive Member (BIM)" of Prexblog website.

In the new BIM system, members will be rewarded based on their activities and how they interact on the blog. BIM members are those special people who help others in the comment section.

Functions of a BIM Member

• He or she will always drop a unique and relevant comment regularly on new articles of the blog. No spam!
• He/she help other members or visitors in the comment box.
• They are special people who takes the work like a game.

How are the BIM member rewarded?

In every two months, he or she will be rewarded with the sum of N5,000 only. Payment can only be made via bank transfer to any bank in Nigeria.

How many people can be rewarded at a time?

Only one person out of the people will be selected out for reward in every two months, based on his or her activities on the blog. While others can try out in the next months.

How do Prexblog know the Best Interactive Member?

Once you drop a comment, we know. Your monthly activities in the comment section are being showed vividly on our dashboard.

How can I participate?

Go to the comment section of any articles on Prexblog and start commenting. Do not drop multiple comments on a post, only if you want to help answer a member's question.

It's never too late to join!

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