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Worstest Record Ever: MTN Loses $200Million In 2016

The South African Telecoms Company, MTN, announced on Thursday of the first ever loss since they started operation in Nigeria which is the worstest record in 22years.

The company said they lose $200million in 2016 particularly, of suffering huge fine in Nigeria and currency challenges from the key market including Nigeria and South Africa.

In 2016, Nigeria communication commission (NCC) imposed N330billion regulatory fine on MTN over the failure to disconnect 5.1million unregistered sim cards.

Below is the statement from MTN;

“MTN Group’s financial results for 2016 reflect the most challenging year in the company’s 22-year history,” 

So in Nigeria, MTN loses money because of the disconnection of 4.5million customers by the government, regulatory penalties and the weakness of naira against dollar.

In South Africa, MTN loses money because of the lower demand for mobile-phone contracts weighed on earnings.

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  1. one of the best if nt the best network in Nigeria bt since early this year they have had issues with the government and 200mil doesn't surprise me

  2. That is quite a lot of money.

  3. hmmm quite too much

  4. Sorry for d inconvenience our government are now working on your service to process
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