Wow! Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Coming Soon!

Airtel are no more playing! After Etisalat had successfully launched its timely based data plan which some users claimed to be expensive, Airtel decided to bring back its unlimited data plan. Recall that Airtel once have unlimited data plan which everyone was all blazing and sometimes, being powered on VPNs but was later blocked.

If you are very conversant with social media especially Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and your television, you will notice that Airtel Nigeria is already advertising the coming data plan with an amazing video advert.

I hope you know what “unlimited data” means “browsing till father and mother calls“? You browse, download, stream videos, and still yet, your data won’t count because its unlimited!

Etisalat, now known as 9mobile disappointed us and I just hope Airtel unlimited data comes out good for the prexbloggers to blaze!


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