Wow! I Activated The Glo WelcomeBack Bonus Of 6,000Naira Free Credit

I have been seeing this message from Glo saying “If I load 100naira, I will get free 6,000naira” and I was surprised that is this another trick from Glo to tap away my money? Instantly, my friend tried, it worked perfectly fine, then one of the prexbloggers tried it and it also worked fine as Glo immediately deposited the money into his account.

Is now my turn to try it and wonderfully, it also work perfectly fine. This means I was credited with free 6,000naira free bonus credit on the recharge of just 100naira. That’s amazing.

This Bonus was to welcome and also a business strategy Glo is using to drag back some of their members or customers and I think this won’t work for them except they renovate their network.

How To Activate Glo 6,000naira With Just N100

If you are interested in activating the Bonus, make sure you have received the message and then, load N100 recharge card and dial #122*34# to check your data balance.

Is it helpful?

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  1. Reply

    let's just hope we get d message bcux all these network ate very selective when it comes to given bonuses

  2. Reply

    Nice one.from glo, airtel and etisalat is giving welcome back old sim for 100 & get 2k, I knew glo will stand out but i think I should wait for them to send the message before trying it

  3. Reply

    This is good news but did you think this type of bonus can browse like wise airtel 20x?

  4. Reply

    For over 2month i didnt recharge on my sim, but this thread encourage me to recharge.
    Unfortunately. I was given N400 and 50mb….
    Calling their customer care rightaway

  5. Reply

    I have receive my own since but wen I recharge they gave me only #400 from the #6000

  6. Reply

    I just call their custome care and I was told that N100 is for N600 bonus (i.e N400 for call and N200 for browsing which is the 50mb).
    While N1000 unlock all the bonus which is the 6k.
    think i misread the welc back msg for N100 for 6k bonus.
    Awoof dey kill

  7. Reply

    Why calling customer care for that? This how people make them to block awoof things like the oda guy did d sum tims ago wen we ar activatin free 7gb

  8. Reply

    Means if we didn't receive the message we should not try it. thanks

  9. Reply

    Applicable to those that wants to activate welcome back… I 4go buy GLO sim now now now

  10. Reply

    This is not a cheat, it is a welcome back bonus for those that didnt recharge on their sim for 30days.

  11. Reply

    Is jst 600naira oo.stingy glo wit bad service…blazerwap hw u take get ur own 6,000 oo

  12. Reply

    Is jst 600naira oo.stingy glo wit bad service…blazerwap hw u take get ur own 6,000 oo

  13. Reply

    Is jst 600naira oo.stingy glo wit bad service…blazerwap hw u take get ur own 6,000 oo

  14. Reply

    I saw the message about three days ago but did not take it serious cos I don't trust these networks any longer since all of them had always behave like 419.Anyway I will try and see what happens.

  15. Reply

    nice wowww from glo oya alele

  16. Reply

    they have been disturbing me with the message. I guess I will try it out. but admin how did you get 6k with just 1h and others are complaining. don't tell me u did a typographical error more than twice.

    explain yourself

  17. Reply

    I also got d #6000 after recharging #100, but I can only use it 2 call glo no, it's not browsing nd its does not call all network.

  18. Reply

    Glo needs to up their network speed abeg. Though, still enjoying their UC Mini Cheat

  19. Reply

    Can the bonus be used to subscribe or what

  20. Reply

    No! It's a bonus so no way u can use it to subscribe

  21. Reply

    so the admin was correct after all

  22. Reply

    Hey boss… Pls is it possible to update my gionee m5 plus using infinix update? Will it work??

  23. Thanks precious i we also activate Mine, because i also have Glo sim card here.
    Check Out My Articles Here

  24. Don't try it…it can't and can brick your phone.

  25. Reply

    Precious which article rewriting tool is the best with simple English

  26. Reply

    I hate this network because of their bad network but still kudos to them for releasing this free bonus

  27. Reply

    Once one hears the brand name “Glo” Slow immediately comes to your head, little wonder both words rhyme….. Better come and have fun with Free 4000 Naira bonus on 9Mobile Nigeria.

  28. Reply

    Nice one, is it still working???

  29. Yes Sir

  30. Reply

    Nice approach to win back inactive users… But they should improve on their network, it's horrible in most location.

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