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Wow! Nokia And Xiaomi Signs Business Collaboration Agreement

This is amazing! The two popular phone manufacturers has finally agree patent licensing deal. On the 5th of July, Nokia and Xiaomi announced they have signed a business cooperation and patent agreement. This actually means that the two companies will license each other’s cellular standard essential patents. Meanwhile, Xiaomi also acquired patents assets as a part of the deal.

Focusing or under the agreement, Nokia will provide network infrastructure equipment to Xiaomi. This will improve the low-performance and capacity of the Chinese manufacturer’s smartphones (Xiaomi). Both companies will as well work together on data transport and connection solutions.

In doing this, Xiaomi could make use of Nokia rich patent portfolio if is to expand to western markets. Meanwhile, it is already in over 30 countries and regions but mostly in the SEA region.

What will Nokia gain from Xiaomi? I know that’s the question currently running on your mind. On the hand, Nokia could learn from Xiaomi experience in internet of Things because the MI (Xiaomi) Ecosystem currently have 60 million connected devices, with 8 million of them active on a daily basis.

I think it will be a very great collaboration for the both companies to collaborate and at the same time, learn and produce quality products.

What’s your say about this sudden collaboration?


  1. wonderful agreement by both of them as this will bring in moving forward of those company nc 1

  2. I think it's good and fair as they are going to gain from each other

  3. I thought so

  4. Nice agreement for both company

  5. That's good. As 4me, Nokia is lacking

  6. Best thing is to go for anti theft program

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