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WWTBAM: “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” TV Show Suspended!

Virtually all Nigerians will know the popular WWTBAM TV quiz gameshow also known as “Who wants to be a millionaire” with the amazing questions being asked from the Host, Frank Edoho.

Recent shocking news reveals that the game show had been suspended or temporary break due to lack of sponsorship. However, WWTBAM was launched in 2004 and was being sponsored by MTN Nigeria which had just pulled out.

The news was revealed by Frank Edoho via his Twitter handle, who is the show’s anchor and also a popular comedian, at the end of the 13th season yesterday. He also said that the gameshow won’t be back till they secure a new sponsor. Unfortunately, there is no word about the resumption date.

See the formal announcement by the show’s management below;

So, Who want to be a billionaire has gone till further notice and do you miss the show?


  1. ummnmm gonna miss dis show because of lack of sponsorship OK oo

  2. they will get a new sponsor in no time bcux millions of Nigerians spend 200nira just to do d first procedure

  3. It's a popular TV show honestly. We will miss it. But what's happening to MTN this days… Are they not gaining enough… Na dem know

  4. Eyaaa another rich company should take over the educative TV show. We will miss it for a while

  5. This is shock hw can a whole WWTBAM Tv be suspeneded? I tink they should do sometin to it fast

  6. What a country…An educating show like this shouldnt just have one sponsorer.
    Wish glo should take over and reduce the money being spent on celebrity.

  7. I really thought this WWTBAM was a scam

  8. if it's to support sth uneducating like BBNaija, there would be many sponsors but just look at such an educating show without sponsors. Na WA!

    I pray they would get sponsors as soon as possible

  9. Bright did you still remember ''owen''? Add me on facebook for us to hv some conversation.

  10. Chai I will really miss this TV show, its educating

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