You Can Now Mention And Add Reactions To Facebook Messenger Chat, Checkout!

Facebook has successfully added new features to its Messenger app which will enable you add reactions and mention any user in the chat. This feature will be very helpful, when a user tries to specify or get attention from the person he or she is chatting or having conversations with and not only that, the reaction will be very helpful when a user tries to show his or her present mood to chat.

You can react to single message in a thread and select seven different reactions to do so. To add reactions to a message, you just have to hold a message and select any of these reaction icons; smile, wow, sad, angry, love, yes or no. Meanwhile, you can use the “Yes” and “No” as dislike and like because is styled as thumb down and thumb up. However, reactions will be available in text, stickers, videos, Gifs, and images. You will be alerted with a small animation when someone reacts to your message.

So in the other hand, reactions can be used when you want to get someone attention. You just have to type “@” symbol followed by the person Messenger name e.g @prexblog and the person you mentioned, would be notified immediately.

What do you have to say about this latest feature of mention and reactions on Facebook Messenger?

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    that's cool

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    cool one from Facebook

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    das gud!!

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    Nice improvement.

    • Anonymous
    • March 27, 2017


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