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You can now play Instagram and Facebook videos within WhatsApp app

WhatsApp new update has brought two amazing features you would like to use in every daily basis. Firstly, you can now play Instagram, YouTube and Facebook videos within WhatsApp app whenever a contact send you one, without having to exit the conversation thread and go into other media playing apps.

Secondly, group administrators now have the power to add and revoke privileges from users in a group chat and also, gives admins the power to edit the subject, description and icon of a chat.

Moreover, these features are currently rolling out to all iOS users and will soon come up to Android users.

What’s your say about having the full power to control your WhatsApp group and playing your videos within WhatsApp app without having to exit the app first?


  1. Ayo Ade Ayo Ade May 9, 2018

    Since the same company owns all three of them, there’s so much that can be done. They’re still scratching the surface

  2. Marveln Marveln May 10, 2018

    Really awesome. Mark isn’t stopping anytime soon. If only Africans can learn too

  3. Harun Khalid Adeiza Harun Khalid Adeiza May 11, 2018

    That’s great news.. Waiting for that soon…

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