You can now share posts on other social media from Snapchat

Snapchat – an image messaging and multimedia mobile application, has announced that users will be able to share their posts on other social media.

If users have their account linked, they will be able to share their story posts to Facebook and Twitter and the post will then be viewable directly on these platforms.

And also, users can alternatively send a link over email or text to someone, who is no on either of these platforms and they will be able to open the link via their browser.

However, the rollout will start on Wednesday and will be available to everyone.


  1. That’s a great advancement for snapchat! That’s nicely.. Just that I am not using snap chat..
    Thanks for this info boss.

  2. An intelligent design to snap chat, this new feature is going to make it smoothly for the users in sharing info. Thanks for notifying us.

  3. Snapchat tried but i dont see the innovation in an app that deals only in taking videos for uploads, doesn’t youtube do that job already.nice one tho

  4. Thanks a lot for informing us about the newly added feature to snapchat, though I don’t use snapchat! Thanks for the info

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