Where is Nigeria? See the country that used the Most Gigabytes

Where is Nigeria? In my own opinion, Nigeria consumes a lot of data daily regardless of the current economic situation.

In the following inforgraphic shows mobile data usage per mobile broadband subscription in selected OECD countries last year, with Finland in first position by a wide margin.

In 2016, Finnish smartphones users consumed an average monthly mobile data of 10.95GB, while Austria is 6.28GB. Sweden and South Korean recorded mobile data usage of 4.38GB and 3.83GB, while US smartphone users used 2.63GB.

I still wonder why Nigeria wasn’t included?

How to Watch 3 or 4 Videos at The Same Time on Android Device

Watching video is another way to have fun with your smartphone especially long movies, it depends on your choice but you must at least watch videos either from social media or from your media player.

Google has released a new feature on Android 7 Nougat that allows you split your screen to perform easy multitasking and can also allow you watch only 2 videos but with this tutorial, you will be able to watch more multiple videos at the same time on your Android.

We are making use of an app called “Multiple Videos at the same time“. This app will allow you perform the task easily without any obstruction.

Where to download the application

You can download the “Multiple Videos at the same time” app on playstore by clicking here. Open the app, and it will divide your phone screen into four segments, click the + plus sign to add videos to the four segments and the X sign to remove videos.

How do you see this feature from this app?

What Are the Advantages and Benefits of a VPN?

You may have heard of them before, but even if that’s the case, the probability says you’re most likely not using one at this very moment. The problem with that is that you’re also likely to be ignoring all the risks you’re taking by being online without the protection that only a VPN can give you. Fortunately for you, we’re here to illustrate you on the topic and perhaps make you more conscious of all the ways in which a VPN benefits you and every internet user out there.

What exactly is a VPN?

In few words, a Virtual Private Network also referred to as VPN, is a set of servers that have been networked together using internet connections.

When people connect to these servers, their internet traffic is routed through them, and once the connection is established, all communications between the server and the user get encrypted. This prevents eavesdroppers and even ISPs from accessing the data that is sent over these networks.

The important thing you have to remember about Virtual Private Networks is that it secures your connections and ensures that all your traffic is always encrypted and kept away from the ill-intentioned. This has many appliances at corporate and individual levels, so let’s check some of them:

VPN Benefits

  • Corporate VPNs: VPNs are used by companies to allow secure remote access to sensible information on their local databases. This is particularly convenient if you’re on a business trip and need to access a company database using an unsecured, public Wi-Fi from a coffee shop or a hotel.
  • Media Content: Recently, they’ve also been used to bypass geo-restrictions imposed by certain media content providers. This can be achieved if the VPN servers are located in a region that’s not been blocked by the service, allowing the VPN user to fool the media service’s system into thinking they’re connecting from the server location instead of their actual physical location.
  • Privacy Protection: A lot of people are adopting VPNs as a regular browsing tool just to feel safe online. Revelations in the last few years about surveillance activity from government agencies and the constant tracking of media giants like Google or Facebook to gather private user information have increased the demand for VPN services dramatically. In a way, using a VPN has become a way of taking action against these privacy violations.
  • Torrent Downloading: Whether it is done for legal or illegal activities, using torrent clients is usually something that raises flags for law enforcement agencies. Many internet users who enjoy sharing torrents have adopted VPNs as a tool to keep a low profile while downloading or sharing content through P2P connections, which essentially means using torrents.

We could expand the list of VPN benefits a lot more, but we consider the things we’ve mentioned to be more than enough reasons to consider adopting a VPN. But how does one connect to a VPN and which one is the best one?

Choosing the Right VPN

There are many VPN service providers available on the internet. Before continuing about the technical details about what makes a good VPN, we must advise you to beware free VPN services. They have earned themselves a reputation of distributing malware and selling private user data as a way of financing their service. Good services have to be financed, and the most common way of doing so is by selling subscription plans at reasonable prices.

Now, when it comes to privacy, you have to look for the right protocols. Most of them are presented in a boring list, and their names are usually confusing, but they are the most important security aspect of a VPN.

Good providers like TorGuard offer 256-bit AES encryption and OpenVPN as a communication protocol. It doesn’t really get much better than that, but you may also trust PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP as good security protocols.

This same kind of providers will have a zero-log policy, which means they won’t log any information about your online activity. This is good if you are connecting to the VPN from a server location where law enforcement agencies could want to seize your VPN provider’s assets. Such an action would end up being pointless, at least if its objective was to obtain user information.

The Verdict

After you find a provider that meets these features, all that is left is looking at the little details that set it apart from the others, like multiplatform support, fast speeds, support for torrents and whatever features you find convenient for your everyday navigation. Just remember that your privacy is one of your most valuable assets and that you’re the only one responsible for its protection. VPNs are at your disposal, but using them is a choice only you can make.

Tecno to Launch Phantom 7 in 22nd of October

Tecno are working restlessly to unveil their new smartphone which name hasn’t been revealed but known to be among the phantom series.

According to Tecno post on Instagram, it reveals that a new Tecno phantom phone is coming soon. I guess the launch of phantom 6 and 6 plus was done in Dubai last year around September. So, the model of this new coming Tecno smartphones will be phantom 7 and 7 Plus.

The Tecno Phantom 7 is expected to come with dual cameras but other specifications will be updated on the day the phone will be unravelled which will be on 22nd of October, 2017.

Which features do you think the Tecno phantom 7 is coming with?

How To Add The SwiftKey Keyboard To Your Android Device

Are you tired of the default keyboard on your mobile device? If so, the SwiftKey keyboard for Android can replace the default keyboard.

It provides extra features, such as swiping from letter to letter to type using SwiftKey Flow, and auto-correct that learns your writing style to suggest words as you type.

SwiftKey is free and all the keyboard themes available for download in the app are now also free.

Today we’ll show you how to add the SwiftKey Keyboard to your Android or iOS device and choose it as your default keyboard.

Add The SwiftKey Keyboard To Your Android Device

To add the SwiftKey Keyboard to your Android device, install the app and then open it.

Enable SwiftKey

Once the app is installed and opened, tap “Enable SwiftKey“. We used a Google Pixel C tablet in our example, which runs the “stock” version of Android. The specific steps may be slightly different on your Android device, but the overall procedure should be similar.

On the “Available virtual keyboard” screen, find “SwiftKey Keyboard” and tap the slider button to enable it.

The “Attention” dialog box displays telling you that this input method could collect personal data. Any third-party keyboard app collects data as you type so it can learn your writing style and become better at suggesting words as you type.

SwiftKey takes security seriously and use incredibly strict data security policies. They follow European user data laws, which are stricter than those in the United States.

Tap “OK” to continue.

The slider button for the “SwiftKey Keyboard” option turns blue.

Tap the “Back” button on your device to return to the SwiftKey app.

Select the SwiftKey Keyboard  In the SwiftKey app, tap “Select SwiftKey“.

Tap “SwiftKey Keyboard” on the “Change keyboard” dialog box.

Sign In To SwiftKey

Signing in to SwiftKey allows you to access additional features, such as getting better word suggestions (predictions) and syncing your settings among devices. To sign in to SwiftKey, tap “Get Better Predictions“.

You need to use your Google account to sign in to SwiftKey. Tap “Sign in“.

All the Gmail accounts you are signed into on your device display on the “Choose an account” dialog box.

If you don’t see the account you want to use, tap “Add account” and follow the instructions to add a different account.

If the account you want to use is listed, tap on the option button for that account and then tap “OK“.

Allow SwiftKey To View Your Google Basic Profile Info 

On the next dialog box, tap “Allow” to give SwiftKey Keyboard permission to view your basic Gmail profile info.

You’ll be asked to allow SwiftKey to learn your typing style by using all your sent messages from Gmail. If you want to do that, you can tap “Personalize” on the next dialog box that displays and follow the on-screen instructions to allow SwiftKey to access your sent Gmail messages. Otherwise, tap “Later” on that dialog box.

Customize The SwiftKey Keyboard  

Now, you can add languages to the SwiftKey Keyboard, change the look of the keyboard with themes, resize the keyboard, and add a number row to the keyboard.

The keyboard displays with the selected options, allowing you to try it out.

To go back to the default keyboard, or any other keyboard you’ve added to your device, go to “Settings” > “Languages & input” > “Virtual keyboard“. Then, tap the keyboard in the list, or tap “Manage keyboards” to enable another keyboard.

Switch From The SwiftKey Keyboard To Another Keyboard

To switch to the next keyboard, tap and hold on the emoji icon on the SwiftKey Keyboard. Then, select “Next keyboard” from the pop-up menu.

To switch back to the SwiftKey Keyboard, tap and hold on the globe icon on the keyboard and select “SwiftKey” from the pop-up menu.  

How have you customized SwiftKey? Which other third-party keyboards do you use on Android? Let us know in the comments.

Written by LEE JOHN JACKSON founder of https://loudnaija.com

9mobile Tariff Plans, Activation Codes And Prices

9mobile, formally known as Etisalat has clean and classic tariff plans that will enable you get double of what you option for or purchase. In every tariff plan, there are a lot of bonus being given to users depending on how active the user uses his or her phone network. There are two types of tariff plans: for getting data and for getting call credit bonus.

This article will disclose all 9mobile tariff plans and their migration codes as a manual to guide you in picking the best plan.

9mobile Tariff plans

  1. 9Mobile Moretalk
  2. 9Mobile morecliq
  3. 9Mobile moreflex
  4. 9Mobile morelife
  5. 9Mobile moreflex advancement
  6. 9Mobile talkzone
  7. 9Mobile cliqlite

You can check the current tariff plan you are by dialling *200*1*6# and if you still want to migrate to a least cheaper or expensive tariff plan for calls, you can follow below.

9mobile Tariff Plans, Migration Codes and Their Advantages

1. 9mobile Moretalk

  • Recharge 200naira and you get 300naira for 7 days and to call five 9mobile numbers on your You & Me list.
  • You get 100naira weekly for 7 days when you recharge 100naira.
  • You get 10MB data week, when you make a weekly recharge of 100naira.
  • Call receiver can pay on your behalf when you make calls without airtime.
  • Normal call rate is 40kb/sec and when you use 25naira daily, it drops to 25kb/sec.
  • To activate 9mobile Moretalk tariff plan, simply dial *244*2# or dial 200 and select 1 to migrate.

2. 9mobile Morecliq

  • You get free midnight calls from 12:30am to 4:30am.
  • Call rate for 9mobile Morecliq to Morecliq drops to 15kb/s when use 25naira daily. 20kb/sec to ordinary 9mobile lines and 30kb/sec to other networks.
  • When you make a recharge of 200naira at least, you get Free 15MB data week by week.
  • Normal call rate to 9mobile network is 20kb/sec and to different networks is 40kb/sec.
  • You can activate or migrate to 9Mobile Morecliq by dialling *244*1# and enjoy!

3. 9mobile Moreflex

  • When you purchase flex of 4000, 10,000 and 20,000, you get 300% reward and when you purchase flex of 300, 500 and 1000, you get more than 300% reward. And also, when you purchase flex of 2000 and 5000, you get 150% reward. You get a third bundle free when you purchase the same flex bundle of 2000 and 5000 sequentially.
  • The normal or default rate is 40kb/sec and N4 on each SMS. However, this may vary on different bundles.
  • When you make a recharge of N5000 or more in a month, you enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 6 nations. UK (vodafone), US (T-mobile), South Africa (vodacom), UAE (9mobile), Netherlands (KPN) also, Saudi Arabia (mobily). Service is valid for 30 days.
  • You can check the image below for more 9mobile flex packages and plans;
  • To check balance, dial *232# and to quit from all packages, dial *344*0# and enjoy.
4. 9mobile Morelife

  • Calls to all networks rate is 15kb/sec in addition to a daily opening charge of N5.
  • Calls to 7 nations (UK, USA, China, Canada, India, Germany and Malaysia) rate 15kb/sec.
  • SMS is charged at N4 each.
  • You enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on 14 networks in the nation (USA (T-mobile), Uk (Vodafone), UAE (Etisalat),  South Africa (Vodacom), Spain (Vodafone), Ghana (Vodafone), Kenya (Safaricom), France (Orange), Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Morocco (IAM), Netherlands (T-mobile), Germany (T-mobile), Turkey (Turkcell), and Egypt (Vodafone).) when you recharge 5000naira or more in a month. Meanwhile, service valid for 30 days.
  • Send 1 to 620 as a text message or dial *620*1# to subscribe.
  • You can check your balance by dialling *232# or affirm the bundle by dialling *244*3#.

5. 9mobile Moreflex Evolution

  • When you purchase Moreflex evolution of 500, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 voice plans, you get 300% reward. Meanwhile, you’ll get more than 300% when you purchase 2000 voice+.
  • Purchase flex evolution 10,000 data, you get up to 7GB data.
  • Recharge of 5,000 or more in a month gives free incoming calls in 14 nations, which are: USA (T-mobile), Uk (Vodafone), UAE (Etisalat), South Africa (Vodacom), Spain (Vodafone),  Ghana (Vodafone), Kenya (Safaricom), France (Orange), Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Morocco (IAM), Netherlands (T-mobile), Germany (T-mobile), Turkey (Turkcell), and Egypt (Vodafone). Meanwhile, service valid for 30 days.
  • Dial *320# to activate and *232# to check balance and to quit all Moreflex evolution packages, dial *300*0# and enjoy!

6. 9mobile talkzone

  • You’d get 80% off on calls to other 9mobile networks at the rate of 12kb/sec.
  • You can make calls at rate of 12kb/sec from 12:30am till 4:30am.
  • You can subscribe or activate by basically dialling *244*8# and that’s all to enjoy!

7. 9mobile cliqlite

  • Get 10MB weekly on weekly recharge of 100naira to browse all websites and other 5 educational websites with social sitesites
  • You’d get 250% bonus on every recharge, if only you are a new cliqlite users and can be used to call all networks.
  • You get 100% data monthly bonus, if you purchase any data from 100MB to 10GB to browse 5 educational websites and 2 social sites.
  • Normal calls rate is 40kb/sec but when you spend N25 daily, you’d get 20kb/s for cliqlite bonus, other 9mobile network for 25kb/s and other networks at 30kb/s.
  • To subscribe, dial *200# and select 5 in the options and for existing customers, dial *244*10# and enjoy!

These are the 9mobile tariff plans and you can select or migrate to any tariff plan of your choice with less expensive rates or bonus and enjoy!

What’s your say about the Tariff plan price and bonus?

So poor! MTN Pulls out of Project Fame West Africa after Season 9

MTN has reportedly discontinued its support for the popular talent show, Project Fame West Africa. This is coming after 9 progressive seasons of sponsoring the popular reality show which saw Okiemute Ighorodje emerging as the winner.

This new development was made known to Olisa Blogazine by a source close to the show producers, Ultima Limited – the same company that produced the no-longer-existing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

However, neither the telecommunications company (MTN) nor the producer have issued a statement to the public at a press time.


Xiaomi Launch A Noise Cancelling USB Earphones

Do you hear noise when listening to music, you might consider the new MI USB Type-C noise cancelling earphone recently launched by Xiaomi.

The device is designed with a metallic body, uses a frequency response of 20 – 40,000Hz with an active noise cancelling feature (ANC) that helps eliminate and remove external noise leaving you to enjoy your musics in peace.

It works by using a stable and reliable micro electro-mechanical noise reduction microphone module to eliminate and block environmental noise.

The cable is made with environmentally friendly and non-toxic material, high elastic material and it cost $46 which is N16,000 in Nigeria.

What’s your say about the noise cancelling USB earphone?

How to Activate 100% Double Data Bonus on Glo, Airtel, 9mobile and MTN

The best four networks (MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel) in Nigeria now have double data offer bonus for their customers. The doubling of data offer gives subscribers the ability to get times two (X2) of their purchased data.

The feature was first launched by MTN before other networks followed suite and therefore, it has make browsing more good as subscribers can now stay on the internet for a longer period of time.

Before this offer, whenever I purchase a data plan, it gets finished quickly because normal data plans are very cost. Since, I have come across the doubling of data, my internet life totally changed.

So, if you see that your network is too slow in your location, you can switch to other network and activate the double data. You are not restricted to only one network.

The double data bonus doesn’t zap, it works perfectly on any type of phone that can access the internet e.g Android, iOS, tablet, desktop/PC and among others.

If you are the type that download heavily in both night and day, you will find this article very helpful for your day-to-day activities and internet life.

How to Activate MTN 100% Double Data Offer

  • Normally, you receive the bonus offer automatically from MTN but if you haven’t received the message, you can send DOUBLE, PROMO and FREE to 131 as text message.
  • When you get reply, you can then recharge and get your double data offer activated. Note that, it depends on eligibility.
  • Now, dial *131# and purchase any data plan from the list and your data will be doubled.
  • Remember to check your data balance by dialling *131*4# and enjoy!

How to Activate Airtel 100% Double Data Offer

  • Airtel double data doesn’t base on eligibility. You can dial *144# and purchase any of the applicable data plans.
  • Immediately, the purchased data will be doubled. 
  • Remember to check your data balance by dialling *140# and note that the double data offer lasts for 6 months but your purchased validity period based on the type of data plan you bought.

How to Activate Glo 100% Double Data Offer

  • Glo 100% double data doesn’t based on eligibility i.e it can be enjoyed by all Glo subscribers. Even new and existing customers are eligible.
  • Firstly, buy any Glo official data plan by dialling *777# and leave the auto-renewal.
  • Once your previous purchased data finishes, the next data plan that will be auto-renewed, will be doubled automatically.
  • Remember to always check your data balance by dialling *127*0# and enjoy!
How to Activate 9mobile 100% Double Data Offer
  • The double data bonus offer of 9mobile doesn’t base on eligibility but on tariff plan. If you are using 9mobile network, you can migrate to Morecliq tariff plan by dialling *244*1# to enjoy the offer.
  • After successful migration, dial *545# and activate the 100% double data offer.
  • Now, subscribe to any 9mobile data plan and it will be doubled immediately.
  • Remember to check your data balance by dialling *228# and enjoy!

The double data offer are the best feature to activate on any networks in Nigeria rather than wasting money on little data plans. They doesn’t zap but are official data plans from the network providers.

The doubled data can be used to stream videos, download, surf and browse, just like that of the official data plans.

Is it helpful? Encounter any problems? Kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience and SHARE THIS POST to your friends and family!

Play as you Browse: Videos Auto-play feature to be Added on YouTube

YouTube – a website where you upload or share your videos, is testing a new feature on its app called “Play as you browse“, this feature will auto-play videos only on home feed.

Do not be confused, this feature is not like the existing similar feature that allows the (mobile app to play the next video after the current one ends). YouTube lovers will surely know that..

In this case, videos play without sound and you’ll see subtitles giving you an idea on what’s happening in the video.

While you see a complete video, if you scroll up or down, the playback will stop, resulting in the current video visible on screen being auto-played.

To explain in details, the feature is just similar to that of Facebook auto-play videos but YouTube own has subtitle. So, you will first get more details about the video before opening it. Meanwhile, you can disable the feature via Account>>Settings>>General and can be activated back when on WiFi.

There is no information on when it will be released or roll out. The feature is very nice and amazing but will swallow millions of gigabytes daily in Nigeria, what do you think?